Tuesday, September 19, 2023

NEW RELEASE: REALMS by SAMPLE LOGIC | Cinematic Sound Design Plugin


Introducing "REALMS": Transforming the Intersection of Music and Sound Design

Embark on an exhilarating auditory journey into uncharted realms with this revolutionary multi-effect plugin. Prepare to elevate your productions to unprecedented heights.

Bid farewell to the limitations of conventional reverb processing and embrace a universe of boundless creativity. REALMS serves as your comprehensive toolkit, seamlessly fusing convolution, digital delay, dub, chorus, spatial expansion, rhythmic enhancements, ambient atmospheres, and more, to craft imaginative cinematic soundscapes. The days of laboriously programming intricate chains of spatial effects are now a relic of the past, thanks to REALMS, which effortlessly sparks fresh auditory adventures. This isn't merely an audio tool; it's your creative collaborator, aiding in the creation of distinctive sonic environments and pushing the boundaries of reverb and delay into an entirely new dimension.



4 enchanting Realms await your exploration: Chorus, Dub Delay, Digital Reverb, and Impulse Responses. Each Realm possesses its own distinct hue within the XY pad, a visual representation of the unique character it brings to your sound. Chorus will infuse your music with rich, harmonious textures, adding depth and dimension. Dub Delay conjures tempo-synced echoes that cascade into rhythmic patterns. Digital Reverb transports your audio to immersive imaginary spaces. Over 1 gigabyte of Impulse Responses are included with Realms, each meticulously crafted to transport you from realistic rooms to impossible locations.


REALMS affords you the extraordinary ability to effortlessly traverse between 4 distinct, captivating areas of sound processing. Experience the thrill of creating sonic tapestries that seamlessly shift and transform, taking your music and sound design to unprecedented heights. With the dynamic XY morphing pad at your fingertips, you hold the power to mold transformations in real-time, sculpting sound itself. 

Dive deeper into infinite possibilities by assigning MIDI control to the XY axes, as well as virtually any other parameter you desire. Regular rules don’t apply as you shape your sound with precision and finesse, crafting a sonic narrative that is uniquely yours.


Need to generate an exciting soundscape in an instant? REALMS comes complete with randomization options to. Automatically generating surprise after surprise, you can choose to roll the dice with just one Realm, all four, or any combination. 

Always useful and musical, the trillions of combinations make for unexpected but delightful results… every single time. The randomization engine is the perfect way to build on the presets of REALMS, creating amazing effect combos that you can save for future recall.

400+ Effect Presets
4 dynamic Effect Modules: Dub Delay, Digital Reverb, Chorus, Impulse Reverb

XY morphing pad with MIDI controller capabilities
Randomize presets and modules for quick inspiration
Serial and Parallel signal flow processing options
Audio Effect Plugin for Windows VST2 / VST3 & Mac Audio Units (AU) 


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