Sunday, October 16, 2022

NEW RELEASE: HEXCEL by ADSR | Midi Sequencer Plugin

HEXCEL by ADSR  Midi Sequencer Plugin


Hexcel works with any synth that accepts MIDI
Hexcel can work in any DAW and with any synth that accepts MIDI input.
Hexcel is a fast and simple way to create profoundly creative, complex sequenced melodies and chords.

Next Level Melodic Inspiration 
Hexcel generates midi patterns using semi-random routing and an easy, fun and visual Harmonic Table note-layout. You define your needs and then hear Hexcel turn them into your desires - melodic inspiration and ideas on tap. Here's how it works... 
 Patterns are driven by Emitters. Each emitter generates up to 6 "active nodes" which travel in a straight line across the harmonic table. As an active node moves across the table it will interact with the other tool types it lands on triggering notes, switching direction and composing a generative pattern. 
 Each hexagonal cell represents a note that can be selected to form part of a MIDI pattern. Active nodes that enter a selected cell will trigger the note displayed. The note-layout of Hexcel means that higher octaves are at the top and descend to the bottom.

Start an idea with one of the factory presets
75 presets across 8 popular genres to get the ideas flowing *

Inspiring ideas generated for you

Hexcel is Available for a 30 day full feature FREE trial.

Introductory price until 31st October $17.99 (normally $24.99) 



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