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Mosaic Pads by HEAVYOCITY is the Mosaic Pads transforms a myriad of hand-crafted, synthesized sounds into a wide range of cinematic possibilities — delivering a dynamic collection of otherworldly, ambient, and atmospheric textures guaranteed to elevate your sonic palette.

 (Access to Three Channel Mixer, Macro Knob, and controls 6 effect parameters.

 Heavyocity Mosaic Pads Mixer PAGE


(Envelope, EQ, Filter, Drive, Gate, Space Controls)

 Mosaic Pads Control PAGE


(In the Options section you will find all the soundsources that can be loaded per three channels.)
Heavyocity Mosaic Pads OPTIONS PAGE

 (Allows you to activate and manipulate an arpeggiator per channel.)

 Heavyocity Mosaic Pads ARP GUI

Macro Sequencer
(Control the Six Macro Sliders & Macro Sequencer)

Heavyocity Mosaic Pads mACRO sEQUENCER

(Location of the Punish Knob)


Heavyocity Mosaic Pads Master FX


Heavyocity releases Mosaic Pads, their seventh Mosaic instrument in the series. There are over 1,699 Samples from over 80 sound sources; and 101 snapshot presets divided into Tonal (Gritty & Mellow), Atonal, and Chordal. Mosaic Pads run in the Free Kontakt 6 player. Like other Mosaic instruments, you will not need to own the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt to operate the software.

The interface contains six pages located at the top. There's a Mixer, Control, Options, Arp, Macro Seq, and Master FX page. You'll find the Macro Control knob in the center of the Mixer, Control, and Macro Sequencer pages. The Macro knob controls up to six Macro Sliders. The Sliders control the Envelope, Eq, Filter, Drive, Gate, and Space. Below the Macro control knob are three mixer channels that can be activated or deactivated.

The options page gives access to browse all 80 sample sound sources and load them into each channel. The soundsources are separated into five categories; Ethereal, Dirty, Decaying, Sweeps, and Noises.
Key-mapping the three channels is as easy as dragging each colored slider to wherever you want it located on the keyboard.

The Arp page contains three individual arpeggiators that let you create complex sequences by drawing shapes in all three Arp interfaces.

The Macro Sequencer page allows you to control modulation via the Macro Knob and alter the modulation sequences by modifying the shapes in the pattern sequencer window. The Macro knob is located on the Mixer, Control, and Macro Sequencer pages.

The final section is the Master FX page, where you will find Heavyocity's staple Punish knob for compression and saturation. Four effects include Aging, Delay, Master EQ, and Reverb.

The pads in this library are instantly usable. There are so many powerfully intriguing presets that it was hard to stop playing with Mosaic Pads. As with all the Mosaic instruments, the Mosaic engine produces limitless possibilities. Swapping out different sound sources from all three channels exemplifies the creativity of sound design capabilities. Also, Mosaic Pads pair up nicely with other Mosaic instruments.

Mosaic Pads is great for underscoring and ambient music. Some of the genres I could hear these presets used in documentaries, sci-fi films, crime, drama, horror, and much more. When I reviewed Mosaic Leads earlier this year, I stated I was hoping for a Mosaic Pads library, and Heavyocity accomplished just that.
There are a lot of presets that stand out to me, and I could hear them in many future cinematic scores. Designing your own presets is simple and delivers exceptional results. The modern sound of Mosaic Pads is inspiring right out of the box, processed with vintage reverbs, granular synthesis, and other modulation effects that will elevate your composition. Beautiful rich and dark, evolving textures contain enough complexity and depth to deem my Highest Recommendation.

5 Out of 5 Stars










Written by Steve Montgomery

(Composer/Infinite Mindscape/Darkmood/)


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