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REVIEW: Berlin Con Sordino Strings by Orchestral Tools

Berlin Con Sordino Strings by Orchestral Tools REVIEWS

Berlin Con Sordino Strings
Orchestral Tools

Works with Orchestral Tools’ SINE Player
—NOTE: Very latest version required!
SINEarc compressed 50 GB / 125 GB uncompressed
24 bit / 48 KHz patches
SINE system requirements:
Mac: macOS 10.13 or higher | Intel Core i5 or similar | Apple M1 chipset supported | At least 8 GB RAM (16 GB+ recommended)
Windows: Windows 10 64 bit | Intel Core i5 or similar | At least 8 GB RAM (16 GB+ recommended)
Formats supported: Standalone, VST, VST3, AU, AAX 


 Sine Player Performance Page

 Orchestral Tools broadens their Berlin string series collection by adding Berlin Con Sordino Strings and releases the most genuine muted string library I have ever heard or played. Orchestral Tools recorded large ensembles playing with mutes at the Teldex Scoring Stage in meticulous detail. The level of care they took in getting this library right pays off significantly with the rich, beautiful sound it brings by itself or mixed with other libraries. Berlin Con Sordino includes eight first violins, 6-second violins, six violas, six celli, and three basses. This string library is for the modern composer searching for the most realism in muted strings that includes a vast amount of articulations and comes with six mic positions.

In the longs section, you get sustains, soft sustains, sustains expressive, sustains tul tasto, and sustains col legno tratto. In the short note section, you get Portado long/short, Staccato, Spiccato, Rips up, Rips down, and 5th drops. They also included short/long swells and tremolo plus three types of legato modes: fingered, expressive, and playable runs. However, they didn't end there. They even added unique articulations like Harmonics, Hotel Mutes, Arpeggios, and Louré repetition.
Berlin Con Sordino Strings

As you can see, this is a very robust library that weighs in at a SINEarc compressed 50 GB / 125 GB uncompressed. You also have the option to buy the instruments individually if you don't want to purchase the whole package. It's a great option I wish more library developers could or would offer. The latest version of SINE player is more intuitive than ever, and I had no glitches, delays, or CPU overload in loading and playing the instrument. The SINE Player has improved since its beginnings, and I have grown to like it more and more.
I love the sound of the Berlin Con Sordino Strings. It offers powerful warmness to a composition that will have no problem giving the listener that sought-after chill. Underscoring for drama, documentaries, romance, and more is almost effortless with this library. The swells alone could score a dramatic scene and capture an emotional response with no other instruments involved. Con Sordino is very popular today in contemporary modern scores because it's a more intimate and delicate style.

Berlin Con Sordino Strings

I own a lot of orchestral strings libraries, and Berlin Con Sordino Strings is my new favorite in this category. The realism of the sound is so rich and warm to my ears that it's apparent Orchestral Tools utilized every tool they had in perfecting True Con Sordino before releasing it in their flagship series. This is the seventh release in the Berlin orchestral string collection, and is also available to purchase as part of a bundle. All the strings in the Berlin series are created to work perfectly together. 

In conclusion, Berlin Con Sordino Strings exceeded my expectations in triplets, and anyone looking for the apex in Con Sordino string libraries should check out this one. Berlin Con Sordino is elegant, exhilarating, expressive, and deserves no less than a






Written by Steve Montgomery
(Composer/Infinite Mindscape/Darkmood/
Steve Montgomery Music)

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