Tuesday, June 14, 2022

NEW RELEASE: SCI-FI WEAPON Sound Effects by Bluezone Corporation

SCI-FI WEAPON Sound Effects by Bluezone Corporation

'SciFi Weapon Sound Effects' is the latest release from Bluezone Corporation. With 127 sounds available in high resolution, this next-generation sound library offers innovative material for game developers, filmmakers, movie trailer editors, YouTubers and any independent creators looking to expand their arsenal. Indispensable for action scenes in futuristic worlds, including fantasy and cyberpunk themes, this state-of-the-art weapon sound pack will fit into any fictional universe.

A strange event in the universe :

Created using high-tech equipment, these devastating sound effects will take you to a dangerous and inhospitable world, secure colonies infested with mutating organisms, resist an army of robots controlled by a malevolent artificial intelligence, board orbital space stations filled with monstrous aliens, but above all to fight back against an Earthly invasion by a hostile alien race. If a threatening clone army spreads across the galaxy and the empire deploys battle droids to destroy all pockets of resistance, you'll be able to counterattack and fight them with brutal firepower.

Perfect for equipping space marines :

Brute force and tactical process : This sound library will provide exceptional equipment for all your forces on the battlefield. Whether it's for energy-based weapons like laser pistols and Stormtrooper blasters, or assault rifles loaded with plasma rounds and sniper rifles combining lethal firepower with impressive range, you'll be ready for any situation. These futuristic weapon sound effects can be adapted to larger weaponry such as rocket and grenade launchers, as well as cannons that use electromagnetic force to launch explosive projectiles at high speed. This collection will allow your elite troops to intercept interstellar ships and take control of the opposing team's outposts, even if they are equipped with deflector shields and force fields.

An essential construction kit made for professionals :

Extremely flexible and available in high definition, the sound effects found in this sample pack can be used as-is. In addition, the layering and merging of the samples will turn battlefields into ruins. Of course, we have not compressed the sounds in an extreme way, so that they remain accurate even after complex editing. By mixing gunshots and detonations as well as energy activations and reloads, this collection will allow you to create both complex and realistic variations and sequences.

How were the futuristic weapon sound effects created?

A large number of synthesizers went into the creation of this sound library, such as the Access Virus TI2, the Clavia Nord Modular G2 and the Waldorf Iridium, just to name a few. In addition, we recorded many everyday objects as well as materials such as metal, polystyrene and plastic to give a natural texture. The recordings were then selected and catalogued to serve as raw material, then edited and transformed with many effects. Each shot was then methodically constructed from many carefully selected layers.

Whether it's for animated movies or blockbusters, as well as strategy games, adventure games, or FPS, 'Sci-Fi Weapon Sound Effects' will become the essential sample pack to get professional results fast. Available as an instant download, this collection is royalty-free after purchase and requires no additional fees when used commercially.


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