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Spitfire Audio is proud to present Originals Cinematic Pads — timeless, high-end, broadcast-ready synth textures, made entirely from stunning symphonic orchestral recordings. 
Originally captured at AIR Studios, London, these sounds have been meticulously treated, processed and warped by the Spitfire Audio team to create a diverse range of classic pad sounds. 
Presented in Spitfire Audio’s award-winning, accessible and affordable plug-in for only £29 / $29 / 29€, discover 23 presets made from 45 individual pad sounds — from rich, dystopian under-beds through to epic and inspiring celestial textures. 
What really makes this library stand out is the magnitude of the sounds — born out of world-class orchestral recordings, the resulting sounds provide an exceptional sense of depth without taking up too much space, and a timeless, classic feel, fit for widescreen settings.

“These pads sound huge, which makes them perfect for the cinema. They also mix really well with orchestral sounds — because they’re made of them.”

— Christian Henson, composer & Spitfire Audio co-founder


Originals is a series of inspiring sample libraries making rare and classic instruments accessible to all for just £29 $29 29€ — meticulously sampled in authentic detail, with no compromise on recording quality. This is the eleventh library in the series, and the first to offer electronic sounds. It’s the perfect next step from Spitfire Audio’s free LABS series, offering composers more depth and more control over their sounds.

NKS compatible and lightweight at under 3GB, users can tailor these pads to suit a range of styles and genres — from cinematic scores through to ambient electronic music — through a range of carefully curated signals, presets and controls. They have been created by a team of experts who have been combining orchestral recordings with electronics for over 12 years, as found in existing Spitfire Audio sample libraries such as Albion ONE and eDNA Earth.

Alongside the Bright and Mellow signals, the plug-in contains a Cinematic signal, created using a range of hardware reverbs, outboard and effects by Spitfire Audio co-founder and award-winning composer, Christian Henson — perfect for creating atmospheric, ambient sound worlds. The six effects offer even more control — Volume, Dynamics - this time controlling the cut-off frequency of a low-pass filter to create a wide spectrum of sounds, Reverb, Attack, Release, and finally Distort, adding grit and intensity to each sound.


MELLOW - A dulcet pad created from orchestral samples, perfect for creating rich underbeds

BRIGHT - An ethereal pad, carefully chosen to pair with the mellow pad

CINEMATIC - A distant pad created using hardware reverbs, outboard and effects - perfect for creating atmospheric, ambient sound worlds


Glacial Marimbium

Frosty Exhale

Chatter Organ

Midnight Waves

Deep Churn

Woodland Wind

Roadside Crosstalk

Slow Reeds

Bowed Glass

Nauseous Static

Falling Steam

Euphoric Sandstorm

Pulsing Water

Fluorescent Corridors

Halcyon Strings

Volcanic Beaches

Windswept Vessel

Trembling Tension

Cavernous Bellowing

Mountaintop Wind

Chilling Forest

Dystopian Ruin

Celestial Stops


Volume (Expression)

Dynamics - controls the cutoff frequency of a low-pass filter





NKS Compatible


Only £29 $29 29€

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