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Ever walked into the forest with a sledge hammer on your shoulder? Bashed rocks to bits and pieces? Or been banging on that one rusty gate for way too long that onlookers are this close to calling for professional help? Well, Wildebeat is the result of all that and more. It’s a modern percussive foray that has it’s heartbeat beaten in wood, metal and stone. It was recorded in the forests and abandoned buildings around here. So if you see any trolls running around looking scared, they’re probably running away from the recording sessions.

Wildebeat is a modern toolkit of natural raw and designed found sound drums and percussion. It is made of an assortment of wood, metal and stone based sounds. The library is divided into two sections; natural and designed. The natural section contains all the recorded raw material in its natural form arranged into suitable kits. The designed section contains manipulated drums kits, percussion sets, hits, loops, sliced loops and fx.

The library was recorded outside, in the wild. I have tried to remove as much noise from the samples as I could but there still may be remnants of nature.


The library contains 261 .NKI patches, 12,881 samples and takes up 5.3 gigabytes of hard drive space.

The samples are left in uncompressed WAV format  to provide you with the possibility to load them into your favorite drum tool, sampler or use them as raw audio files in your DAW.

Tech Specs

Wildebeat requires the FULL VERSION of Kontakt 5. It is proven to work with version 5.8.1 and higher. It will not function in the Free Player version.



Wildebeat retails for 59€ (excluding VAT where applicable). Intro price is 39€ until the 1st of January 2021.


There is one patch demo version available for you to test out the sounds. Try it out here: Freedebeat


I really loved this library and I highly recommend it! Even though I didn't give a full written review of Wildebeat, I decided to do a video review, preset walkthrough, and demo of this amazing percussion library. 
Watch the video below.
Update: In the video, I stated that you needed Kontakt 5 to use the library. I forgot to state that the samples are in WAV format that you can drag and drop straight into your DAW. So you don't even have to have Kontakt to use the samples in this library.










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