Friday, July 3, 2020

NEW: Dystopian Rains for Omnisphere 2 by Rocky Mountain Sounds


Introducing Genesis Elements: Dystopian Rains for Omnisphere 2

This soundset contains 146 presets, 41 multis and 42 soundsources and requires Omnisphere 2.6.3c

The Genesis Elements series of sample and sound expansions are a treasure of amazing elemental building blocks – giving you exciting sonic territories to explore. Each release will showcase specific nature soundscapes, including rains, which are the foundation of Dystopian Rains. Professional recording equipment were utilized to record Nature’s best in amazing quality and clarity. Sources come from the rolling prairies, the mighty Rocky Mountains and from the shores of the Pacific on the Canadian West Coast. All original soundsources were captured in 24-bit, 96khz resolution, not only the industry standard for professional sound effects and nature recordings, but critical to allow for extreme pitch shifting where these sounds are truly remarkable.

Dystopian Rains features both natural rains at different times of day and at different intensities – and designed transformations.

Over 40 soundsources include:

Delicate, resonating raindrops that are crisp and detailed

Light, medium and heavy rains with multiple variations
Nighttime city rains with multiple variations
Foley rains with multiple variations (they are not actual rains)
Distant rain and winds with multiple variations
Winds and noise elements without rain, with multiple variations
Designed versions processed using Zynaptiq Wormhole
Designed train and passing trains that are frightening!

Soundsources were recorded at different lengths to avoid typical short sample looping repetitions. Layered, they can create seamless and organic environments that are unique to synth plugins.

Dystopian Rains was birthed during the worldwide pandemic, making it the ideal initial release for the Genesis Elements series. The emotional struggle and feeling of desolation and hopelessness influenced each sound creation, and serves as a reminder of this dark time all of humanity have experienced. The sounds can be light and hopeful, but also dark and filled with despair. Overall, this collection points to a future hope and rebirth of life, thus the Genesis inspiration.

Along with natural and creative environmental sounds, many playable textures and pads – an RMS hallmark – were included that explores new levels of sound that is sure to inspire. A special selection of “NEW” drum sounds were created using Omnisphere 2’s factory “Phrases”. Each phrase was explored to find a perfect isolated percussive element. These were then made to be playable with full programming, and include hidden arp settings saved with each drum. The sounds were then combined with the Dystopian Rains sample content to create “New Earth” instruments that are featured in the many multis.

Dystopian Rains includes an inspiring amount of multis. “Scenes” are stacked layers that provide different rhythmic, tonal and nature elements for instant song starters. These are showcased in many of the collection demo songs. “Layers” combine playable texture pads for amazing sonic enjoyment. These are crazy! “Latch” multis spread patches across the keyboard and allow instant environment building to allow you to bring in and out elements as needed. “Ambience” Multis combine 4 patches to build underscore elements and background environments.

Ground breaking programming techniques are employed in Dystopian Rains to allow a single “patch” to have 4 individual custom samples cross fade across the entire keyrange. As you play up the keyboard, you will hear one sound transform into another, then another, and so on. This new technique paves way for more creative sounds with depth and character using just a single patch, versus relying on multis to accomplish the same task. A single patch can have a light rain slowly transform into a roaring storm. There are combinations that include two different pads that play at different key ranges, layered with two different rains, providing for a new and captivating playing experience.

I hope you are inspired to use these sounds for soundtrack and game score, live and online video production, and Ambient and Downtempo music.

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