Monday, June 15, 2020

REVIEW: MASTERINGBOX (Online Mastering Software Program)

Over the past week, I took the opportunity to do a video Review of MasteringBox, which is a drag and drop online mastering software program geared with smart artificial intelligence. The application can masterfully detect the dynamic and spectral characteristics of the audio being mastered and apply the correct adjustments.

MasteringBox just turned 5 years old and is gaining in popularity by the day. Not only does it have the desktop application, but they also have an android app that's been updated with new features. It became apparent to me why MasteringBox has been so successful, it works incredibly well, and you'll see that in the video. Keep in mind, I only use the desktop application, not the android app.



To sum up my review, MasteringBox is not only an efficient and accurate mastering service, but it's very affordable. Using MasteringBox is perfect for many applications, including submitting tracks to music libraries that can be time-sensitive. There's no long waiting like some other services, and the product you receive is excellent, in my opinion. The option to fine-tune the master with a high, mid, and low knob and having the ability to increase or decrease the loudness db earns MasteringBox a 

5 out of 5 Stars !!

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