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The fourth soundset in the Future Sound of Retro series, takes a loving look at the grandfather of all modern pop-music: Synth Disco. Planting the future seed for what would later become 80s pop music, Synth Disco took the fundamentals of Disco and pushed it further with a futuristic sound based on analog synthesizers.

The soundset is a complete collection of Synth Disco sounds. From fat disco basses, Italo Disco leads and pads, to synthesized drum sounds and of course inspirational sequences and arpeggios - plus a special “Lofi Disco House” bonus soundset.

the sound of

analog 80s synth disco

and modern nu disco

This soundset started out by first recreating classic sounds that defined the genre. After that we redesigned them with our personal taste in mind - without straying too far away from the genre. The final step in the design process was to take a handful of iconic 80s sounds and bring them into the modern world of Nu Disco.

All sounds are properly tagged making finding sounds easy (both in Repro as well as in Native Instruments NKS format). Apart from the normal sounds, we also included a special “Lofi Disco House” collection of sounds. The Lofi Disco House sounds are grittier, noisier and nastier. It’s like you took a handful of Disco sounds and sampled them in a 12-bit sampler on a bad day.

Future Sound of Retro Synth Disco contains 228 sounds all in all

Repro-1 Presets (45 sounds)
45 Sequences / Arpeggios
Repro-5 Presets (105 sounds)
32 Bass sounds
28 Synth / Keys sounds
15 Pad sounds
11 Effect sounds
19 Drum and Percussion sounds 

Lofi Disco House Presets (50 sounds)
15 Repro-1 Presets
35 Repro-5 Presets
Audio files (28 sounds)
28 Unprocessed drum sounds
All audio files are 24 bit/44 kHz mono.
​All presets also come in Native Instruments NKS format, tagged and ready.

Name: Future Sound of Retro: Synth Disco.
Requirements: u-he Repro.
Number of sounds: 228 (45 Repro-1 / 105 Repro-5 / 28 WAVs).
Format: Repro-1, Repro-5, Native Instruments NKS, WAV.
Style: Disco, Synthwave, Nu Disco, Lofi House, 80s pop.
Price: 9.90 Euro / 50% OFF 

​Demo track "Discology" composed by Torley (

Until the 9th of February you can buy Future Sound of Retro Synth Disco for 9.90 Euro. Use coupon code SYNTHDISCO to get the discount. Ordinary price is 19.90 Euro.

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