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REVIEW: Gothic Instruments DRONAR Distorchestra

Gothic Instruments releases
'Dronar Distorchestra'

A Deep, Expressive & Innovative Atmospheric Sound Creator



This is 5 GB Core Library

that contains 6 pages that include:

Main GUI, Sounds, Mixer, LFO & FX, ARP, and the Master FX.

1- MAIN GUI Page
 This page contains the main dials featuring Intensity, FX, hi, mid, low, movement, reverb, delay

2- Sounds Page:   
Contains 4 layers (FX, HI, MID and LO) and consists of 2 different sounds (each being long, complex loops at 3 dynamic levels).

 3-Mixer Expert Page
Contains the envelope, filter, tone and width settings for each layer in the current preset.


LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) helps add movement to the sound, including panning, vibrato or siren effects.



 This is where you can get the sounds really moving or pulsing over synced to the DAW host tempo.

Effects on this page are inserted into the final master stereo audio output.



Gothic Instruments Distorchestra is the 13th Dronar release and it contains 200 plus presets using orchestral samples that includes brass, string, and woodwind performances. These performance recordings were actually played by professional session players. This release was processed by composer and sound design master Alessandro Camnasio whose film trailer credits include, Mad Max: Fury Road, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, Transformers, Thor, Captain America, and many others.

This is no orchestra I've ever heard. Distorchestra is a hybrid orchestral soundscape library that has some of the most disturbing atmospherics I've heard in quite some time, and it's beautiful. The Dronar series has come a long way from their early beginnings. Even though the Dronar instruments have always sounded great, the loading times have somewhat interrupted my workflow. When Gothic Instruments released the Dronar Master Edition, it gave new life to the earlier modules by fixing the slow loading times. Since then, the Dronar series has continuously gotten better.

What makes the Dronar series so powerful is that it loads up 8 separate samples in one preset. When you press one note, it automatically plays a chord, creating a full range complex atmosphere. If you click on the Sounds folder at the bottom of the module, you will see the samples used in each preset. If you want to experiment with what other sounds can do, just hit the randomize feature and discover a whole new world of possibilities. I had a ton of fun randomizing the samples, and the sonic creations from the click of a button were incredible! 
If you would like to hear every preset in this library, I made a 1 hour and 48 min video below that will show you the complete package.

Some of the other sound designers that developed presets in this library are J. Gabriel Rodrigues, Giscard Rasquin, Jonathan Sharp, Kyle Kniceley, and Vinko Borčić.
 Distorchestra completes a remarkable chapter in the Dronar series, and the thirteenth release makes the future of this series bigger than ever. I just hope one day, we get a straight-up horror library called something like 'Dronar Horrorsphere'. Hint, Hint 

For those who haven't jumped into the Dronar universe yet, this will make a perfect starting point.
For me, this is one of my favorite releases out of the Dronar series.

If you're scoring a film for horror, sci-fi, drama, or anything that needs powerful evolving textures, haunting moods, or tension, this will deliver a potent punch to your composition.

 13 is a lucky number in the Dronar legacy, and Distorchestra gets a solid

5 out 5 Stars !

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Written by Steve Montgomery
(Composer for Infinite Mindscape & Darkmood)

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