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There have been many Cinematic Drum Libraries I have played over the years but when I heard Sample Logic released Drum Fury: Apocalyptic Drums I was excited and curious to hear what could be done differently.
Let's check it out. 

DRUM FURY weighs in at 11 GB and contains 113 multi-sampled epic drum and percussion Kontakt instruments.

(Requires Full version of Kontakt version 5.8.1 or higher will not work in Kontakt Player)

  Here is the list of instruments that comes with Drum Fury:

⁃ Cinematic Impact Collections
⁃ Concert Bass Drum (Multiple Sticks)
⁃ Cymbals (Multiple Sizes, Strikes, Swipes & Scrapes)
⁃ Gong (Hits, Rolls & Rubs)
⁃ Marching Drums (Multiple Sticks, Solo & Ensembles)


⁃ Taiko (Multiple Sticks, Solo & Ensembles)
⁃ Toms (Multiple Sticks, Solo & Ensembles)
⁃ Timpani (Multiple Sticks)
⁃ World Percussion

Drum Fury contains several instrument effects and customizable features accessible on one page as follows:
  • Pitch Slider – Adjusts the pitch of the instrument in semitones.
  • Random Velocity – Add a random variable to the velocity input to humanize playback. 
  • Energizer – A powerful combination of compression, saturation, and distortion for mastering. 
  • Polisher – An all in one mastering effect that combines EQ, saturation, transient enhancement and stereo imaging. 
  • Equalizer – a standard 3 band parametric equalizer 
  • Compressor – a studio-grade stereo feedback compressor 
  • Delay – a studio-grade stereo feedback compressor 
  • Reverb – a standard digital reverb


The minute I sat down to play Drum Fury by Sample Logic I knew this was a brilliant leap forward in cinematic drum libraries. Not only did the sound barrel through my monitors like a thunderous punch to the gut but the depth of the drums was superb.

To get that colossal epic drum sound, Sample Logic recorded Drum Fury at Skywalker studios, churches and auditoriums. The realism of the sampled instruments is so naturally convincing that no one would know this is a Kontakt instrument. The problem I've had with many cinematic drum libraries is the time it took me to get that polished sound I want quickly. The interface is so straight forward that anyone could use this library without looking at the manual. The fact that you have all the options to sculpt your sound from one page saves an enormous amount of time making your workflow more effective.

I was impressed to see just how many drums they contain in this library. Not only are there killer cinematic drum ensembles but they also included a marching drum ensemble. Drum Fury has a powerful collection of cinematic impacts and a huge variety of cymbals that covers so many scoring elements. If you were wondering if this library contains loops, it does not, but it does include a handful of authentic lifelike percussion rolls. Out of all the cinematic drum libraries I own, I must say, the ease of playing Drum Fury blew me away. I performed complex rudiments and rolls on my midi controller with 100% accuracy that felt and sounded completely natural.

I did make a demo walkthrough video auditioning the presets if you would like to hear how awesome this library sounds. One more thing I need to discuss is the price point of this library. The quality and quantity of Drum Fury makes this library very affordable. There are no cons in this library, Sample Logic covered all the bases and added more than I expected.

If you are looking for a cinematic drum library that won't interrupt your creativity but reinforces it, look no further. When you need to work fast and you want your drums furious, this is it!

Sample Logic has released an apocalyptic beast that will be heard in many epic films to come.

 Drum Fury kicks off this year with a
5 out of 5 Stars!

Available: Sample Logic




Written by Steve Montgomery (Infinite Mindscape and Darkmood)

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