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Rhythmic Odyssey is a flexible and highly-customizable loop-based virtual percussion instrument for Kontakt Player and a huge open-format modular loop library for use with any software or hardware you wish. This deep and stylistically expansive collection focuses on dynamic live tuned and untuned percussion performances by British instrumentalist and media composer David Oliver.

David has unleashed his massive collection of drums, percussion ,and rare world instruments, with powerful, authentic and spirited performances that are carefully and perfectly hand-crafted for easy direct use in films, games and all other forms of multimedia. He captured an incredible variety of percussion instruments and objects, exploring more than 130 distinct instruments from drum kits to raw pine tree logs.

This library spans a huge range of styles and genres, with 100 percussion track sets ranging from traditional ethnic arrangements, combos, to raw hard-driving percussion beds and huge rock grooves. Each song set is a tonally rich and creatively inspired multi-track piece, with unique arrangements and exotic instrumental selections from all over the world. This enormous variety of sounds and rhythmic variations is powered by an innovative interface and powerful engine features to provide you with a massive toolbox and endless creative possibilities.

A full non-encrypted multi-track wav library is also included so you can use the loops in any DAW, sampler, plugin or hardware unit that supports 24bit/48kHz stereo wav files. In the wav library, each track’s loop collection is split into an average 8 discreet solo/sub-mix tracks, as well as wet and dry stereo master tracks. The wav library includes a grand total of 6648 loops! We’ve also included long human-readable sample names and a detailed loop database in the Documentation folder to make searching and custom arrangements as convenient as possible.

Product Version 1.0
6 nki Kontakt instrument Banks
6,648 Samples
12.6 GB installed
24-bit, 48 kHz Stereo Lossless NCW Format for Kontakt presets.
24-bit, 48 kHz Stereo Wav Format for the unlocked Wav library to use in any DAW.
Made for the free Kontakt Player (version 5.7.3+), Komplete Kontrol, all S-Series Keyboards and NKS software and hardware by Native Instruments
Works with the Kontakt "Libraries" browser and Native Access.

The main user interface provides you with a complete set of clip and beat slice sound shaping controls.
These controls are the same for the 4 individual Track presets.


Filter your search by style and instrument keywords, tempo and time signature and you can even star your favorite loops for instant recall. Once you load your loops into the slot grid, you can tweak each loop down to the individual transient slice, with playback direction, slice order, ADSR and custom step-automation sequencing for volume, pitch, pan, filter cutoff and resonance parameters that you can freely draw with your mouse.

 allows you to play back up to 4 separate clips at a time. Each track has the same independent feature set as the master stereo preset. Each track includes 12 clip slots that can each store their own parameters. Please beware that this preset has large ram and CPU requirements due to a large number of clips and the fundamental requirements of the tempo
syncing and time stretching engine.
There are special keyswitches that you can also use
with this preset to control individual Track clip selection and playback

All presets include the Clip FX area that allows you to apply various effects to each individual clip slot. In the stereo Master and single
track presets, there is a single master FX chain that you can open by clicking
the FX button in the lower left area of the UI. In the Multitrack preset, each track has its own FX button
and its own independent modular FX chain. You can choose any order you like for the first 6 slots in each
FX chain. Simply click on the tabs below the effects to select the effect type you wish to plug into that
slot in the chain. To turn the effect one or off once it’s loaded, click the small radio button on the right
The FX Rack tab gives you direct access to 18 of Kontakt’s built
in special effects and dynamic processors. These effects
apply globally to the instrument, This panel is accessible in all presets by clicking on the FX Rack tab button at the bot-
tom of the instrument UI. Signal flows from left to right in each row and goes down from there. The last two sockets
are Post Send effects, mixed in at the final stage before signal output. To change the effect loaded into any specific rack module socket, click on the down arrow menu in its top left corner


Rhythmic Odyssey is indeed an adventure in percussion paradise. I've always been impressed with Soundiron and their sample libraries have always been meticulously crafted. When I heard the great David Oliver (BBC/NatGeo percussionist) was featured in this library I got really excited. Being a drummer myself, I have heard David Oliver's intense percussive grooves in countless television programs. David also used more than 130 instruments in the creation of this library and includes a massive 6648 loops at 12.6 GB of sampled content. Soundiron has also made it conveniently available for the Kontakt player, making it available for non-owners of the full version of Kontakt. The GUI can be simple and complex at the same time. Depending on how deep you want to get, you can manipulate and slice the loops in many ways. The various sound sculpting tools make this library a composer's dream of rhythm possibilities.

Soundiron even included the non-encrypted 24bit/48kHz stereo wav files so you can drop them into your DAW, plugin, or even a synth that accepts wav files for even more sound design options. There is no end to the creativity in this library and for the price, it's a real bargain with everything you get. Rhythmic Odyssey will have a very long lifespan. There are so many genres of percussive loops and a million ways to change them. If you want to save time you can pull up the MACRO menu and randomize all slots or each individually. The individual slots you can randomize are slice volume, slice pitch, slice pan, slice cutoff, and slice resonance. I created some unique presets using this easy function.

In the loop browser, I really liked how I could filter my search by style, tempo, time signature, instrument keywords. When I found a loop I liked, I just clicked the star next to it to highlight it as a favorite for a rapid recall. Once the loops are loaded in the slot grid, I could modify the loop with transient slice, ADSR, and other functions. The percussion loops contained a huge variety of styles and variations. So, with Rhythmic Odyssey, no matter what style of music you do, you can find an exceptional usability of this library.

David Oliver has created an epic collection of percussion, drums and unusual world instruments not found in any other sample library. The performance loops are outstanding, and the sound quality is phenomenal. This library can be used in a film, video games, and many styles of electronic music. There is so much to like in this library and nothing I dislike. David Oliver's Rhythmic Odyssey by Soundiron is no less than an outstanding artistry of percussion.

5 Out Of 5 Stars


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