Friday, March 2, 2018

Plughugger 'The Void' for Omnisphere 2- Review & Patch Walkthrough

The Void is an ambient and cinematic soundset for Omnisphere 2 with the focus on sounds with a slow meditative character.

The majority of the sounds are built upon the factory recordings in Omnisphere: bells, ethnic chants and assorted instruments from India and Asia such as Sitars, Chinese Temple Flutes and of course Tibetan Singing Bowls. These sounds were then layered, processed and stretched with the granular engine into entirely new sounds and soundscapes.
the void is an ambient soundset
with focus on slow
meditative soundscapes
To really bring out the meditative character of the sounds we also recorded a handful of vocals clips typical for guiding in meditation.

The Void contains 202 sounds in the following categories:
  • 15 Arpeggios/Sequences
  • 9 Ethnic World sounds
  • 13 Human Voices
  • 8 Pads & Strings
  • 11 Poly Synth sounds
  • 96 Textures and Soundscapes
  • 50 Multi sounds
I found this to be a very unique, immersive library for Omnisphere 2. The video I made above is about an 1 hour and a half of every patch. You get 202 sounds 152 singles + 50 multis all at the regularly price of 19.90 Euro. This is an awesome value for anyone looking for some new original unique sounds for their Omnisphere 2 library. I already have a song I wrote that will be on my new album coming out later this year. Check out all the sounds in the video above.

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